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Students are trained by International Standards as Support Workers / Caregivers, Care for the Elderly, Care for Children, First Aid  & CPR, Emergency Medical Technician and more…

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The Guyana Training College for International Skills (GTCIS) is duly incorporated in Guyana under the Companies Act of Guyana of 1991. Its registered address and place of business is 60 Station Street, Kitty, Georgetown, Guyana. GTCIS offers an adult education program based on Canadian curriculum as a certified Support Workers Program with extension to caregiving (training to work as caregivers in Canada and other countries). GTCIS is the only institution registered in Guyana authorised to administer this program under the National Association of Certified Personal Support Workers in Canada, with extension to Care Giving, Home Arts and Meal Preparation, Care for the Elderly, Care for Children, First Aid and CPR. We also offer Technical and Business.

Our Courses

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Elderly Care

Introduction Elder care services coordinators help ensure that the needs of their clients are met. They may work in

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Mentally Challenged

Introduction Mentally disabled adults are often misunderstood. They are like other people except they learn at a

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Physically Challenged

Introduction Many patients with mental disabilities can actually handle a lot of their daily tasks themselves.

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CPR Training

Introduction Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training is required of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and

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First Aid Training

Introduction In certain professions, first aid and CPR certifications are mandatory credentials that can

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Health and Safety

Introduction Health and safety advisers, officers or practitioners aim to prevent accidents, injuries and health

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Production Safety Systems Training

Introduction Production safety systems play a critical role in protecting workers and the environment.  Operators

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Supply Chain Management

Introduction Management, organisational and leadership studies comprise the knowledge necessary in planning,

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