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Guyana Training College for International Skills has been in existence for the past 13 years of excellence as a college providing career paths. Guyana Training College for International Skills officially began operations in 1991 starting with three (3) programmes and now preparing to offers over fifty (15) courses in healthcare and elderly care, business and technical skills.

The initial vision was to grow to be one of the leading institutes and solution providers in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, the latter being a service not regularly offered by other similar institutions. The Guyana Training College for International Skills has an experienced, knowledgeable and qualified team of administrators, trainers, educators and business consultants growing from an initial staff of only six (6) in 2001 to twenty-five (25) full and part time in 2018.

The College has experienced a 110% increase in student population with one hundred and twenty (120) students registered in the first year of operation compared to two hundred and fifty-two (252) students being registered in 2017.


As a professional Language Institute we value and are committed to:

Ethics and professionalism: We believe in conducting our affairs with the highest degrees of ethics and professionalism in conduct, behavior and attitude.

Transparency: We believe in managing our institute with openness and integrity, and we are accountable to the public, GTCIS’ management, and the NAC/TVET Council.

Innovation: We believe that there are opportunities to innovate in everything we do and we value new ideas, concepts, methods and processes to improve the delivery of the services to our students and other stakeholders. We shall promote the innovations and evidenced based and quality assurance practices to add value.

Equity: We value distribution of resources and opportunities with fairness and equity.

Inclusion: We Value inclusion of all stakeholders and customers inclusive of students, faculty and staff in the formulation of solutions, policies, projects, curriculum and programmes implemented by the Institute. We believe that involvement of people is key to effective problem solving, and execution of solutions relevant to our Mission, vision and core values.

Sharing Ideas: We believe that the sharing of our ideas, knowledge, values, and experience, nationally, regionally and internationally, is essential to the achievement of our Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Learning: We believe that learning must be an ongoing lifelong process that occurs in informal and formal settings to facilitate effective change and transformation.  We will stimulate and facilitate opportunities for providing opportunities for education and other development opportunities consistent with this value.



The goals of GTCIS are as follows:

1.To provide training to meet the specific requirements of Allied Health Care/Personal Care industry and Oil and gas industry;

2.To provide access to quality assured specialized skill training that helps graduates find employment locally and abroad;

3.To execute a curriculum that is fully aligned to Guyana’s developmental needs;

4.To provide quality education to meet the needs of all stakeholders;

5.To provide accessible educational opportunities to full-time and part-time students:

6.To provide a conducive learning environment to promote, support and offer continuous training.


The customers/consumers of the services and outputs of the GTCIS’s are:

1. Students with needs related to our mission and stated purposes

2. Graduates of the GTCIS and our values Human Resource Development Intervention

3. Employees

4. Governments of Cooperative republic of Guyana

5. Members of the Public in Cooperative Republic of Guyana and the wider Caribbean

6. Tertiary Institutions with whom we have strategic alliances

7. Industry Sectors that require our graduates


1. Curriculum Development

2. Teaching and learning in 4 focal Areas

3. Student support

4. Coaching and Mentoring

5. Educational Facility Provision & rental

6. Assessment

8. Research


• Customer Service

• Customer Partnerships

• Creating long term solutions and partnerships with customers

• High quality innovative platforms

• Ongoing service and engagement

• Sustainability underpins all solutions

• Alignment of solutions to client needs and direction

• NAC registration and quality assurance


• Quality Assured Recognized Training

• Ability to Customize Training to Your Needs

• Recognized qualifications from institutions and its partners

• Competent facilitators

• Long term strategic partnerships

• Commitment to lifelong learning

• Informal and Formal Learning Opportunities

• Competency development that leads to individual and organizational transformation

• Learner support and mentorship beyond session

We are eager to give you best Education and style.

The Guyana Training College for International Skills (GTCIS) is duly incorporated in Guyana under the Companies Act of Guyana of 1991. Its registered address and place of business is 60 Station Street, Kitty, Georgetown, Guyana. GTCIS offers an adult education program based on Canadian curriculum as a certified Support Workers Program with extension to caregiving (training to work as caregivers in Canada and other countries).

The Guyana Training College for International Skills is registered with the National Accreditation Council of Guyana. The Council requires providers of higher education and training programmes to establish quality assurance procedures. The Guyana Training College for International Skills Inc. is a private provider of professional programmes.

GTCIS is committed to the principles of quality assurance in educational provision. Continuous improvement is realized through an integrated systematic approach focusing on the establishment, evaluation and improvement of quality assurance policies and procedures. The scope of these measures is detailed in this Manual.

GTCIS’s internal quality assurance policies and procedures described in this Handbook aim to do the following:

•To establish a framework of quality and high standards in educational provision;

•To safeguard the academic experience of learners;

•To promote excellence in curriculum development;

•To inform all participants of best practice in quality assurance and enhancement, nationally and internationally;

•To endorse public confidence that quality of provision and standards of awards is upheld.

• In this light the GTCIS shall:

•Train students to successfully pass the internal and external certification exams.

•Provide up-to-date training and industry-related information.

•Provide career-seeking services to assist graduates in finding employment in their field of study.

•Provide a learning environment that encourages and motivates students.

•Instill a sense of professionalism in each student.

We are a private training college incorporated in Guyana to provide health care support education and training for local Guyanese. Our College is in process of expanding its mission, capacity and capabilities through collaborative provision and strategic alliances surrounding oil and gas skills training.


A highly adaptive, continually improving, quality driven and innovative vocational institution recognized for competent graduates with global perspective in the areas of strategic focus.


The Guyana training college for international skills Inc delivers career success by producing competent knowledgeable professionals skills, health and safety, through a strategic blend of technical and theoretical learning that empower graduates to become value creating participants in the workplace of today and tomorrow.


Guyana Training College for International skills Inc is committed to consistently provide customer value and satisfaction in career, allied health and technical education( under development) that exceeds the expectations and standards of our customers, regulatory bodies, external partners and quality assurance agencies while continually measuring our progress and improving our curriculum, programs and services

Guyana Training College for International Skills Inc shall continually: 

  • Improve the effectiveness of its system, 
  • Recruit and retain competent employees and faculty, 
  • Seek recognition and external verification for our programmes and services 
  • Demonstrate integrity and corporate social responsibility

Guyana Training College for International Skills Inc main objectives are increased customer/student satisfaction, improved quality of teaching, learning, support and other aspects of the educational services as well as improved financial viability. However, other objectives can be established and reviewed periodically as part of the strategic process of GTCIS.

All GTCIS’ internal and external staff shall be informed and trained as necessary to understand and implement this policy which shall guide all our operations.


The GTCIS team brings over forty years industry experience. GTCIS assures that all personnel engaged in work and project activities are competent on the basis of education, training and experience. Some of the qualifications of members of our consulting team are listed below:

• Process Improvement, Measurement and Management

• Child Care and elderly Care Capacity Building

• First Aid and CPR

• Firefighting and Fire Suppressions System

• International Standards Implementation

• Food safety and HACCP Implementation

• Project Management Professionals (PMP)

• Human Resources Management

• Oil & Gas Training

• Maritime Training

• Occupational health and Safety

• Environmental management systems

• Business Development & Process Improvement Approaches


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The best after all this hard work, is the fact that this institution connects you with Canadian based jobs, which I am happily engaged in now. Sarah


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